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الرئيسية » Social Solidarity Unit in an Introductory Seminar at the College of Arts

Social Solidarity Unit in an Introductory Seminar at the College of Arts

The faculty of Arts at Sohag University organized, under the patronage of Prof/ Mostafa Abdel-Khaleq, President of Sohag University, and under the supervision of prof/ Mohamed Tawfiq, Vice Dean for Environmental Development and Community Service, Prof/ Mahmoud Murad, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, and Prof/ Moataz Eid Ibrahim, General Coordinator of the Social Solidarity Unit at Sohag University, in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Solidarity, an introductory seminar on the role of the Social Solidarity Unit at the university.

Prof/Karim Mosleh confirmed that University’s Social Solidarity Unit provides many social and economic services to students, and enhances positive awareness for them by holding many educational seminars, pointing to the unit’s important role in supporting students who are unable and those with special abilities, by supporting them.

In addition to supporting students in scientific faculties, whether at the undergraduate or postgraduate levels, and providing them with financial grants to be disbursed from Nasser Bank, the unit also extracts an integrated services card for disabled people to provide them with a discount on the means Transportation, and providing a companion for disabled people from the public service or volunteers.

Prof/ Muhammad Tawfiq added that, the unit officials reviewed the most important activities and services provided to the university community through the Social Solidarity Unit,  which are based on the axes of protection, care and development, and the work is carried out in the awareness track through awareness programs and various seminars  by supporting students who are unable and disabled people. The most important initiatives supported by the Ministry of Social Solidarity were presented, which supported by the Egyptian Family.  

Prof/Moataz Eid pointed out that the University’s Social Solidarity Unit provides soft-loan services in accordance with the Nasser Social Bank’s followed procedures, for the work of investment or production projects, and the provision of training seminars in entrepreneurship, and how to organize workshops for small projects, in addition to providing awareness services by organizing several seminars and awareness camps for students and university workers in all programs adopted by the Ministry, which targets young people and those who are about to marry, to help them choose the right partner and reduce divorce rates.

Mr/ Mohamed Abul Fotouh, Head of Nasser Bank, Ms/ Fatima Hashem, Head of Protection and Economic Empowerment, and Ms/ Huda Muhammad Hussein, Officer of Training and Awareness of Social Solidarity, attended the seminar.